I guess I still have this.

Back from Spokane this week. Had an amazing time at the Con.

Home to pet issues. Earl the cat broke his paw. $2k to fix via orthopedic surgery. I don't have that to spend.
I feel like a lousy ass pet owner. Talked to Ixodes and he reccomended a removable splint as an affordable alternative, so I ordered one of those.

Otherwise I'm mostly on Facebook these days.

Krav Maga

So in my never-ending quest to be more like Sterling Archer, I purchased a Groupon for 10 Krav Maga classes. It was only $39 so it seems like a pretty good deal. I've never had any martial arts training, and I haven't been in a fight in close to 20 years.

But as my inner boy scout likes to say, be prepared.  Maybe I've been watching to much Walking Dead, or something, but I think being better able to defend myself isnt a bad idea. i'll update after I've been to a couple of classes.

I acomplished more by 7:30 am than I normally acomplish all day.

Well not really, but I was reminded of the old military recruiting commercials when I decided  to post.

I did get up bright and early this morning and I rode my bike to work.
Its about 7.5 miles by bike trail, and I wanted to at least do it once before I move next week. Very nice ride. The bike trail I pick up near my house runs right through my job's campus. I turn off the trail and the warehouse door was open. I biked right in through the warehouse to the back door of the office and wheeled the bike the last 12 feet into my office. :)

Took about 25 minutes door to door.  Was nice and cool, almost to cool was only 56 this morning and I wish I would have worn sleeves. my arms got a bit cold.  I do have a pair of arm compression sleeves. I will wear them next time.
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Foster Failure

So, been fostering dogs all year and have had some pretty awesome animals come through my door. The last one, Firecracker, was the best so far, and I really wanted to keep him, but Imanaged not to.

So of course I decide I have time to take in one last foster before I move, and what does the ungrateful little bitch do?
She totally steals my heart.


I got the first application for her on Saturday and I couldnt answer it. I didnt want to give her up, so now I am the embarrassed owner of a slightly used 1 year old long hair dapple dauchsund.



Booked my flight to Chicago for Worldcon
I arrive Thursday, depart Monday.
Now I just need a place to stay. :p

Anyone on my flist want a roomie? I only snore if I've been drinking. :p

Warrior Dash

My post in the E&F thread at Ran's for those who arent there.

Warrior Dash completed.
I don't remember an active Volcano in Minnesota, but thats where it was. The course went straight up this mountian of fire and brimstone.

I got there about 9 which war 90 minutes before my Wave. I picked up my registration, wandered about for a bit and walked over to the finish area. First person I see is this woman, very attractive, fit, stumbling down the hillside. she stops, leans over and blows chow. The next guy stumbles down the hill and takes a header into the barbed wire in front of the mudpit. He laid in a pile while trying to extricate himself.
About this time was when I started to get nervous.

Ixodes and I started at 10:30, it was already 91 degrees, no clouds and dewpoint in the 70's. The first bit wasnt bad, running through some mud, through a bunch of hanging tires,and then up a rope and over a wall. After that it was up the Volcano. We ran up the first hill past all the lazy ass people who we already walking. Well al least we ran until we passed the camera station. That was about 3/4 of the way up the first part of the mountain. I didnt want to show everyone else up, so I slowed down to a walk until we hit the next obstacle, a seires of walls to jump over and barbed wire to crawl under. From there we descended the volcano and ran over a narrow zig zagging board, and crawled through a trench covered in more barbed wire.

After that it was back up the Volcano to the peak. at the peak there was a 15' wall to climb over. I quickly scaled this wall before deciding it was much to easy. To add to the difficulty I decided to fall off and almost break my leg and or neck. I leaned back to swing my leg over, however where I assumed there to be a spot to grab on the far side of the wall there was only smooth wood. My hand slipped and luckily my cat like reflexs responded and I managed to step on all the rungs on my way down to the ground. My second time I reached over and down the 16 inches to where I could grip somthing before climbing over.

By this time we were so much closer to both the sun, and what surely must me a lava filled caldera that it felt like the inside of a sauna. somehow depsite the fact that we must have reached the summit, the course continued uphill we climbed the cargo net obstacle, and then blessedly the next obstacle was the typhoon cannons. The soaking that gave us was better than sex. That at least was the true summit. From there we plunged down the slope aided by my good freinds gravity and inertia. We slid down the slip and slide, hurdled a couple of flaming hell rifts, and slogged through the final barb wire strewn mud pit before crossing the finish line at 42 minutes.

It was soooo much harder than I thought it would be. I never want to do it again. Well never is a long time. Plus I'm dumb. There is another race on September 8th at a different course in Minnesota. I signed up this morning.

http://www.warriorda...2_minnesota.php# Course


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